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Clear Sky Fiber Arts

the producer of beautiful spinning fibers and so much more ...

Clear Sky Fiber Arts is a part of Clear Sky Alpacas, LLC located in Ionia, Michigan!  Our herd of over 40 alpacas contribute their fiber each May for the delight of spinning fiber enthusiasts.   We also turn their fiber into many beautiful products for your pleasure.

Our alpacas

Shadow a multiple ribbon winning alpaca at Clear Sky Alpacas
Momentum one of champion black alpacas

Our farm is home to alpacas of every color:  gray, black, brown, fawn, beige, and white.

Ribbon winners and Champions in both the conformation ring and in fleece shows.

Monolith one of our gray alpacas
Squeakers - baby alpaca

Here is a small sampling!

Fleece (raw and washed) / Batts, Rolags, Roving / Felt / Mix-ins

We provide fiber for both spinning and felting.  Also “mix-ins” for your crafting pleasure!  You can be assured that each of our 40+ alpaca’s fleece is chosen for the best use each shearing season.  

Fleece characteristics can change from year to year based on the environment (heat, lack of sunshine), stress to the alpaca (heat stress, shearing, showing), and nutrition (hay condition).  These factors can cause the fleece to be beautiful, long in staple, and oh so soft, or can cause the fiber to be short and break.  Rest assured that we always make sure that the fiber you purchase from us will make your final product the best it can be.

Mill Spun and Hand Spun Yarns - from our alpaca herd

Each alpaca’s fleece has a use, however, we selectively choose which will be used in the making of our yarn.  Only the absolute best is chosen because we want to provide you with the VERY BEST YARN!

We have our mill spun yarn processed here in Michigan at Windy Acres Fiber Mill.  Our hand spun skeins are spun beautifully by talented spinners.

Processed in small batches makes it possible to identify the alpaca whose fiber you are crafting with.  Each label provides skein information and the alpaca’s name and photo.

A variety of products made with our alpaca fiber!

We love crafting with our alpaca and other fiber.   This category contains our Hypo-allergenic Alpaca Dryer Balls, our Bird Nest Lining Balls, Wearables, and so much more.

All products are handcrafted.  Many are one of a kind.  This is the place for our inspirational items using our fiber that don’t fall into other categories.  Grab your cup of coffee, sit back and relax as you peruse this part of our shop.

Hand crafted alpaca fiber items to beautify your home!

Unique, one of a kind, hand crafted items made from our alpaca fiber.   Beautify your home with an addition of one of our plant hangers, a gorgeous wrapped vase, or one of our special decorations.

We have recently added a special limited edition farm decor line.  Here you’ll find items to enhance your decor such as bee hives, and limited edition themed collector trees. 

You will find new items continually added to this category.

Key rings, lip balm and hand sanitizer holders, bookmarks, purses, and all things I handcraft using vinyl.

I begin hand crafting cute vinyl items during my hip replacement recovery.  Everyone loved what I started with – alpaca and llama key rings.  I began expanding the line with a variety of other animals, farm related themes, and of course crafting themes. 

I continue to add additional vinyl items and designs so keep checking back.

If you see a design you love but would like a different color, contact me and we can chat!

Sponsor one or several alpacas from our herd!

HAY! Sponsor an Alpaca Today!
Do you realize that hay to feed one alpaca costs $30-$60 a month?

Our symbolic adoption program has undergone some major changes.  We will be kicking it off in the beginning of 2023! 

Many visitors asked for an opportunity to support different alpacas with a one time sponsorship purchase.   We are currently making individual sponsoring packages for each of our alpacas.    Through our new program you’ll be able to choose which alpaca you want to support.  In addition to providing help with maintaining the alpacas, you’ll also be supporting our Veteran owned farm, and learning about the alpaca you decide to support with a pdf download.

Keep watching for updates!

Clear Sky Fiber Arts specializes in bringing our love of fiber and animals to you in amazing ways.   Our beautiful spinning fibers are available in all the natural alpaca colors.  Half our herd is white because I love to hand dye our alpaca fiber into an assortment of beautiful colors!

Do you use spinning fiber to make beautiful yarn or do you felt with fiber?  We provide a wide assortment of fiber for your pleasure.  Raw and washed alpaca grown on our farm in Central Michigan is offered in both natural and hand dyed colors.   Do you prefer using processed fiber for your artist endeavors?   Clear Sky Fiber Arts also makes gorgeous batts and rolags for our fiber loving friends.   Prefer a blend of fibers?  Oh yes, we provide blended fibers too!

Are you a knitter or a person that loves to crochet?   We’ve got you covered….   Lovely yarns, both mill and hand-spun are available at Clear Sky Fiber Arts!   Some are left in their natural colors; others are hand dyed here on our farm.

Maybe you aren’t interested in the fibers.   That’s okay too because we have  wonderful gift items that are available for your gift giving needs or to spoil yourself.    Our gift items are hand crafted here on the farm.  We offer many unusual things.   Take a peek and you’ll be surprised!

And who are we?   Rick and Kathy Ainsworth, who, with a vision, moved from the big city to the quiet country many years ago.   Our farm, located in central Michigan, is Veteran Owned and Operated!  Why alpacas?  We love animals, fiber, and fiber arts.   Alpacas provided an unusual way to focus on our loves.   Each of our alpacas is named, so don’t be surprised to find alpaca photos or their names on many of our products!   We enjoy providing our fiber and gift items to others who appreciate the hand crafted.