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If you have missed any of our emails that have been sent out this week, don’t worry!  We want to make sure you have all the information about the Celebration!

Early Birders – our Celebration begins for you on September 23rd at noon ET (The First Day of Fall) when the discount code for you will be activiated!

General Public your discount code will be activated on Tuesday September 24th at noon ET.

Celebration Ends –  Friday, September 27th at 11:59 pm ET

Be sure to use your coupon code because it’s worth 20% off EVERYTHING on the website (excluding our Sponsor an Alpaca Program – be sure to check this out too!)

Remember, the Early Birder Code will be activated at NOON on the 23rd!  Watch for that email!

If you aren’t an Early Birder, don’t worry – YOUR CODE will be posted on Facebook and I’ll be activating it on Tuesday, Sept 24th at NOON!

Oh YES!  What kind of a Celebration would this be without cool GIVEAWAYS!

EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE for the Giveaways!

GIVEAWAY #1:  The first 5 people to make a purchase when the celebration begins at noon ET on Monday will receive a cute handmade Alpaca Corner Bookmark as our FREE gift to you!!!   We expect these to go FAST so watch for that code!

GIVEAWAY #2:  We are giving away a free Artistic Alpaca Fiber Filled Holiday Ornament to EVERYONE who places an order $35.00 or over while supplies last.  We have approximately 20 available.

These gorgeous ornaments have only been available for a limited time during the holiday season.  Each is made using a plastic globe (for safety purposes) and I fill each with hand dyed and natural alpaca fiber adding a little sparkle with Angelina fiber.  They sparkle hanging on your holiday tree or wreath and look fantastic added to a decorative bowl or basket.

I want to provide something EXTRA SPECIAL to our customers during our HUGE Celebration, so…  the Ornaments being offered as part of our giveaway will not be offered on our website.  These will be EXCLUSIVE, and only available as part of our Giveaway Offer.  EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED, EXTRA SPECIAL just of you – make sure you snag one for yourself or to give as a gift.

Giveaway #3:  Our Website Launch Celebration runs from noon on Monday the 23rd through Friday the 27th at 11:59 pm ET.  At the end of the celebration, we will randomly pick an order made during the celebration and give that person a $25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE!

YES!  New and exciting products are being released and I’m excited to share them with YOU!

Alpaca Fiber Plant Hangers – new designs, new colors.  All made from our own alpaca fiber.  Each is ONE OF A KIND – cannot be exactly duplicated.  These make fabulous gifts for the plant lovers on your gift giving list.  Remember, since they are made of alpaca fiber, they can be used to decorate indoors or outdoors!

Artistic Alpaca Fiber Filled Holiday Ornaments – the gorgeous ornaments are only available for a limited time during the holiday season.  They sparkle hanging on your tree or wreath, or add a touch of class to a decorative bowl, basket, or centerpiece.

DIY Holiday Ornament Kits – another unusual item I make available in limited supplies each holiday season.  This fantastic item provides enjoyment for kids as they make that special holiday ornament for Grandma, Grandpa, Teacher, or favorite friend.  Each kit I make contains 2 empty plastic safety ornaments, hand dyed and natural alpaca fiber from our herd, and a little Angelina fiber to add a touch of sparkle.  I also include a pusher stick and instructions.  (Very limited).

Skeins of Yarn – beautiful 100% alpaca yarn in natural colors and in hand-dyed colors.  Each skein is identified with the name and photo of the alpaca that provided the fiber.  Remember, only a limited number of skeins can be made from each alpaca’s fleece so quantities are VERY LIMITED and we expect these to go FAST!

Rug Yarn – gorgeous 100 yard bumps of alpaca fiber rug yarn.  Each bump is one of a kind and cannot be exactly duplicated.  If you are weaving a rug, each bump makes a beautiful rug about 2×3 feet in size, BUT there are also many other uses for this yarn!

New Key Ring Designs and Water Bottle Holders – I appreciate that so many of you have LOVED my vinyl key ring designs.  I’m adding many additional animal designs, some other crafting designs, and a couple just cute unusual designs.

I’ve decided to add another NEW item – Water Bottle Holders!  Yes, these allow you to clip your water bottle to your belt loop, back pack, or purse.  (Can be used to carry your dog’s water bottle during walks!) 

Stuffed Kitties and Alpacas – I am handcrafting these “stuffies” from our own alpaca fiber craft sheets and to make them even more special, they are filled with our own alpaca fiber!  So many uses for these cuties!  Set them around the house to decorate, use them as paper weights, let the kids play with them.  Hmmm, maybe I should put some of our farm raised, dried cat nip in a few for kitty play time!

Please remember that our products are individually hand crafted making them limited in number and often one of a kind.  If you see something you would like as your own, act FAST!

There could be a few surprises of new products added during the week, your coupon code is good ALL WEEK, so keep checking back!

By all means you can preshop.  That way you just wait for that special  discount code to be activated  and you’ll be ready to check out!

Simply click on “SHOP” in the menu and check out all the great products we are offering!

Before the Celebration begins, I would like to THANK YOU for your continued support of our farm, our alpacas, and our fiber arts business.  We love being able to share our journey with you and hope you enjoy the ride!