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  • Alpaca Fiber Felt Craft Sheets

    Alpaca Fiber Felt Craft Sheets (1)

    Our alpaca fiber felt craft sheets are made using a wet felting process and measure a huge 40x32 inches. This large size provides lots of felt for your crafting, felting (either wet or needle) and sewing projects. Each sheet is so soft and thick.
  • Angelina

    Angelina (11)

    Angelina is a sparkle add in available in assorted colors.
  • Batts Rolags Roving

    Batts Rolags Roving (24)

    Our alpaca fiber is either hand processed or mill processed.  Each batch is washed and processed into batts, rolags, and roving for your crafting or spinning pleasure.   During our hand processing, we decide if the alpaca fiber will be left in its natural color or if we will hand dye the batch into beautiful colors.  Some of our batts and rolags contain a small amount of a complimentary fiber to add additional pizazz!  We use Angelina fiber to add sparkle!
  • Washed Alpaca Fiber

    Washed Alpaca Fiber (2)

    Alpaca fiber that has been washed and sorted.

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