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  • Fiber

    Fiber (38)

    We provide fiber for spinning, felting, and also "mix-ins" for your crafting pleasure!  You can be assured that each of our 49 alpaca's fleece is chosen for the best use each shearing season.   Fleece characteristics can change from year to year based on the environment (heat, lack of sunshine), stress to the alpaca (heat stress, shearing, showing), and nutrition (hay condition).  These factors can cause the fleece to be beautiful, long in staple, and oh so soft, or can cause the fiber to be short and break. Rest assured that we always makes sure that the fiber you purchase from us will make your final product the best it can be.
  • Fiber Arts

    Fiber Arts (14)

    Fiber arts is what we are all about here at Clear Sky Alpacas, LLC!  Each May our herd of 39 alpacas are shorn and we start making a huge assortment of unique items with each fleece. Hypo-Allergenic Alpaca Dryer Balls - set of 3 - Removes static cling and softens your clothes.  Made with 100% natural alpaca fiber. Felted Animals - Kitty, Mouse, Pig, Cow, and more....  Each animal is handcrafted using our own alpaca's felt.  We begin with making the felt from the alpaca fiber, then cut the felt to make each felted animal. Bird Nest Lining Ornaments - Birds love to pull the alpaca fiber to line their nests.  Great gift for bird lovers.  Safe for the birds unlike chemical dryer lint or yarn. Handwoven Alpaca Fiber Cat Mats  - Each is one of a kind.  Made soft and fuzzy by preshrinking after the weaving is complete.  Handwoven using our mill processed alpaca "rug yarn". We are constantly adding new and unusual products to our fiber arts line.   Be sure to sign up for our updates to stay informed!
  • Home Decor

    Home Decor (14)

    An assortment of hand crafted items made from our alpaca fiber to beautify your home.
  • Key Rings, Bookmarks and Misc Vinyl Items

    Key Rings, Bookmarks and Misc Vinyl Items (38)

    This group of our products include our key rings and other vinyl items that I hand craft here on our farm in Ionia, Michigan.  You will find an assortment of key rings/fobs, lip balm holders, hand sanitizer holders, and bookmarks. I use only the highest quality of premium vinyls, rayon thread, Kamsnaps and hardware. Many designs are available in several colors.    If you don't see a color you like, please contact me and I would be happy to make the design in the color of your choice if possible. Keep watching "key rings and other vinyl items" because I am always adding more cute designs!      
  • Yarn

    Yarn (22)

    We offer a large variety of alpaca yarn for your crafting pleasure.   Our yarn is made with our own alpaca fiber.  You will find both 100% alpaca yarns and some that are blended with other fibers.  The yarn is made in small batches.  These small batches give us the opportunity to identify each skein with the alpaca that provided the fiber for it. Our mill spun yarns are spun at Windy Acres Fiber Mill in Wolverine, Michigan by mill owner, Charlotte Revenko, herself a military Veteran! We do offer a limited amount of hand spun alpaca yarn.  These skeins are spun by several good friends that are very proficient spinners!

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