Alpaca Aroma Therapy Jar




 Announcing Clear Sky Fiber Art’s “Alpaca Aroma Therapy Jars“!

Take a wiff to wisk yourself away after a stressful day with our portable alpaca aroma therapy jars.

  • Hand-dyed alpaca fiber from our herd fills each jar
  • The color of the alpaca fiber suggests the fragrance
  • Quality Fragrance Oils used
  • PETE plastic jars in an oval shape to fit your hand much better than round jars
  • Portable – move from room to room or take along when running errands
  • Excellent for dorm rooms, replaces dangerous candles
  • You can refresh the fiber with your own fragrance oils
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Currently two fragrances to choose from  (lavender/sage or burst of energy)
  • Additional fragrances will be added soon

We love to use our alpaca fiber in unusual, interesting, and useful ways. 

When you open a jar of our Lavender and Sage fragrance, you’ll find beautiful hand-dyed lavender and white swirled alpaca fiber releasing a wonderful scent of lavender and sage.   Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a grassy pasture with fluffy cute alpacas surrounding you. 

Need to be energized?  Then our Burst of Energy will help!  Citrus fragrances provide a fresh energizing aroma.  We’ve used hand dyed orange alpaca fiber swirled with a touch or white.  Wake up and get going!

Let our Alpaca Aroma Therapy jars reduce your stress or help to energize your body.  Choose a variety of scents to have on hand for that moment when you need just a little boost.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

Burst of Energy, Lavender-Sage




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