Mint Black Alpaca Roving


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Mint black alpaca roving is a gorgeous pin drafted roving that I had the mill add just a touch of dyed blue merino.  This roving would be wonderful for a number of next to the skin projects.  A beautiful soft spinning fiber using the base of Mint’s fleece which is true black will be a dream to spin.

72% alpaca
28% merino

sold in 4 oz balls (only 2 available)


Beautiful Mint Black Alpaca Roving is available but LIMITED!  Mint is one of our gorgeous true black alpacas and her fiber is a dream to spin.  This batch was pin drafted and blended with 28% dyed merino.  When I have merino or other find wools added to my alpaca fiber it adds a wider range of project possibilities by adding a bit of elasticity!

This roving has the base of Mint’s true black and the merino that the mill blended in is blue with just a hint of purple.  You will love spinning with this Mint Black Alpaca Roving.

72% alpaca / 28% merino

Sold in 4 oz balls ( only 2 available!)

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