Sponsor an Alpaca - Reba



Sponsor An Alpaca – Reba

“Destino’s Reba of Circle C”

Sponsor an Alpaca and Reba is a great choice!   She was born in Georgia on May 17, 2015.  Her parents are Cupcake and Michelangelo’s Destino KVR.  We continue to love her fiber which is so very soft and crimpy.   Reba is  registered as a medium fawn color    We were very excited to have her transported to our farm in 2016 along with her mother Cupcake, Entrance, and S2.    Because she is such a favorite during farm visits, we’ve added her to our “Sponsor an Alpaca” program.

She is now 4 years old and is ready for breeding.  Reba loves to graze in our rear pasture and is always one of the first at the gate when it’s time to mow the backyard.  She loves her treat of a little grain.  It’s interesting to watch how this little family of Cupcake, Reba, and Reba’s sister, Squeakers are so bonded and stay close in the pasture and barn.

The photos we’ve included show her beautiful face.  Another shows her with her mother, Cupcake.  The last photo shows her beautiful fleece.  It is sooooo soft!

What could be a more awesome gift than to Sponsor An Alpaca?  If you’ve always wanted an alpaca but you live in the city or in an apartment, here is a way for you to connect with these amazing animals. We are a small farm and as you know farming can be unpredictable.  Taking part in our Sponsor an Alpaca program helps in the care and maintenance of your chosen alpaca and although ownership remains with us, sponsorship allows you to connect on a more personal basis.

Our sponsorship program runs for one year and provides many benefits to you including:

A sample of your alpaca’s fiber
A Sponsorship Certificate
A copy of your alpaca’s pedigree
A framed photo of your alpaca
An invitation to Shearing Day
A private meeting with us to learn about your alpaca
Pre-arranged visits with your alpaca
A special birthday card from your alpaca
20% discount on all purchases from our shop during the sponsorship period via special code

Q & A:

  • Does my sponsorship fee mean I own the alpaca?  No, ownership remains with Clear Sky Alpacas, LLC, your sponsorship fees helps in the care and maintenance of your chosen alpaca.
  • Can I take the alpaca off the farm?  For the health and safety of the alpaca, we do not allow any animals to be taken off farm property.  You can visit your alpaca during a pre-arranged day and time.  We encourage you to visit as much as possible!  Your visit will range from 30-60 minutes per visit.
  • Can I bring friends?  Yes, but please limit them to two per visit.
  • How do I choose which alpaca is best?   Look at the pictures, read about them in the descriptions, or even schedule a visit to see them in person!
  • What is the sponsorship fee?   Our 1 year sponsorship fee is $75.00


Additional Information!
The alpacas we have listed as available for sponsorship are all halter and lead trained which will make is fun for you to walk them during your visit.
Once you have decided which alpaca to sponsor simply click “Add to Cart” and finish your sponsorship purchase.
PLEASE NOTE:  No refunds after payment is made


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