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  • Pastel Cat Mat Quick View
    • Pastel Cat Mat Quick View
    • Pastel Cat Mat

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    • Isn't our Pastel Cat Mat beautiful?   Each hand woven mat is one of a kind.  Crafted from our home grown alpaca fiber, cats are naturally attracted to the mat.  We send the alpaca fiber to the mill where it is cleaned and processed into gorgeous core spun "rug yarn".  No two batches of spun yarn is alike due to the cahracter of the alpaca fiber.  This Pastel Cat Mat uses natural alpaca fiber that has been hand dyed into spring colors! This thick yarn is purrfect for me to use on my square weaving loom.  After my weaving is finished, I preshrink the mats in my washing machine and dryer.  The last step is to "wack" the mat to complete the process! Now the mat is soft and fuzzy - it's the cat's meow!
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