Gray Alpaca Roving



Very soft Gray Alpaca Roving has been pin drafted at our favorite Michigan mill.  The fleece from Faerytale, a bay black alpaca, and Blessings, a fawn alpaca provide the base for this blend.   They made this beautiful gray fiber when mixed together.  The mill then added Merino wool dyed a salmon color.  The finishing touch was the addition of just a scant bit of Firestar for sparkle!

Each alpaca in our herd is shorn in May.  Several factors play a role in the final quality of each fleece.  The factors are nutrition, stress, and the environment.  We make sure the alpacas are fed only the best grass hay possible.  Hay and pasture grass are their main diet.  We add grain during the coldest winter months or during pregnancy.   We keep the stress levels as low as possible.  Stress can cause the fiber to break.  The environment plays a role and unfortunately we can’t control that.  The worse weather is hot and humid.  We run fans and spray the alpacas during this kind of weather.

We send our fiber to the mill in small batches so you will know which alpaca provided the fibery goodness you are working with.  Each fleece is just so large so the amount of fiber available is limited.  Don’t miss out on this soft Gray Alpaca Roving spinning fiber !

59% alpaca, 40% Merino, 1% Firestar


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