Light Alpaca Rug Yarn


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This gorgeous 100% light alpaca rug yarn would make a stunning woven rug approximately 2ft x 3ft.  All natural 100% alpaca from our herd here in Michigan!  Core spun at a Michigan mill.  100 yard bump.  Hand-dyes beautifully!

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the nature of alpaca fiber, each Light Alpaca Rug Yarn bump may vary slightly in shape and shading.


Our Light Alpaca Rug Yarn is a mix of our white and beige natural alpaca fiber.  Each “bump” is 100 yards and is tightly core spun at Windy Acres Fiber Mill in Wolverine, Michigan.

Each light alpaca rug yarn bump will make a rug approximately 2ft x 3ft in size.

Oh, there are so many other uses for this beautiful yarn too.  Because it’s alpaca, your finished product can be used indoors or out.  This yarn hand dyes great too!

100 yards, 100% natural alpaca fiber, tightly mill spun, core spun

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